Instant Vibes: Downloadable Weekly Wallpapers

Instant Vibes: Downloadable Weekly Wallpapers – Spiritual Gangster

I broke my promise to myself and beaten wallpaper again. The only reason I did this is for $ 100,000 profit. My family and I did not have time to wait for professional help. We sold our investment property before finishing the work and needed the home ready for appraisal.

While stripping the wallpaper, I realized that many homemakers were getting wrong advice for this horrendous task. After years of experience on over 30 houses, I offer my trial and best tips:

1. Use a clothes steamer or rent a professional steamer

2. Soak a large section of the wall

3. Run a "Paper Tiger" scoring tool across the damp section

4. Steam the section again

5. Spray the section with fabric softener and hot water

6. Score the section with the paper tiger again

7. Steam again

8. Remove any curling edges (sometimes large areas peel off)

9. Scrape with a six inch sheetrock blade

10. Repeat the above steps on the section until most scrapes off easily

11. Scrub with hot water, TSP, and a sponge with a scratchy surface

Cautions: Use the Paper Tiger gingerly so you do not scratch or gouge the walls. Use gloves with the harsh chemical TSP.

Do not live with ugly wallpaper any longer!

PS Please email me if you have any additional tips on stripping wallpaper that would help others!

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