#wallpaper #wallpapers #iphone #fondodepantalla #background:: The color of sunshine, and happiness, has conflicting associations. On one hand yellow stands for freshness, positivity, and energy but…

#wallpaper #wallpapers #iphone #fondodepantalla #background:: The color of sunshine, and happiness, has conflicting associations. On one hand yellow stands for freshness, positivity, and energy but on the other, it represents cowardice and deceit. A dull or dingy may represent caution,…

Samsung Galaxy S5 is probably the most awesome choice in this new generation of technology. With the Octa Core processor and 13MP camera, it's the most complete phone one can have with the support of 3G and 4G LTE. But if you ask me personally, the phone is not that durable and it needs to be kept safe at every time even in your pocket. Different manufacturers have already designed and created different types of cases for Galaxy S5but there are only some worth looking at. Let me describe you about them in simple words.

• Samsung Galaxy S5 Case: S View Cover
Samsung, just like all times, launched its official Galaxy S5 cover along with the phone which is a flip type cover which provides the function of checking your main information of the phone eg weather, time, missed calls, messages etc through a cut-out window. The flip also activates and deactivates the sleep mode upon closing and opening the flip respectably which saves a lot of time because mostly a user only requires to see his new notifications. It also provides the magnetic clip to keep the flip closed if dropped. Pretty awesome feature again.
The traditional flip cover however, does not provide all of these amazing functions and also may open in mid-air upon dropping. So obviously, who would not want the S view cover?

Available in different colors.

• Samsung Galaxy S5Case: Spigen Neo Hybrid
Spigen has always been known to create the best and quality products which gives them 100 perfect customer satisfaction. Their new Samsung Galaxy S5 case is created to provide all the needs of an average customer. The key feature of this case is its grip capability which decrees the slippage. The case itself has been beautifully made with the help of some strong and quality materials to cater shock absorption and maximum protection. The case is generally made of two parts; TPU case and bumper that holds the phone from all around. The best thing is that the bumper alone is available in the market and can be changed at any time if you want to customize your phone or if it's damaged in any way.

Available in different colors like Yellow, Silver, Black, Blue.

• Samsung Galaxy S5 Case: Fall Fashion Wallet
This unique case for Galaxy S5 is probably the most deluxe thing you've seen. The case consist of multiple layers which can be used for different things. One can keep their credit cards, contact cards or most importantly money. The case is designed beautifully consisting of soft fabric inner and synthetic leather outer body. The case also provides a kickstand to watch the videos or play games in landscape mode. Last but not least, the case is extremely flexible with rare chances of being damaged or whatever.

Available in 7 different colors in the market.

These are probably the best mentioned covers for your Samsung Galaxy S5. The phone is not known to be very strong itself so the cases are highly recommended from my side, only if you love your phone. Otherwise, no pressure bro!