Kindle Fire 7 "Multi Touch Display With WIFI – Extensive Review

Introduction to the Kindle Fire:

When it comes to tablets the first thing anyone is going to think is, well that's an iPad right? I do not think anyone actually stops and thinks if there's actually any other tablets out there? There are. Not only the iPad but Samsung also has their own tablet that runs on the Android and I'm pretty sure that everyone has heard the word Kindle pop up in a conversation but they have never actually known what it really is. Well Kindle is a tablet, a tablet PC which has is owned by Amazon. This one in particular, is called the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Features packed into the Kindle Fire:

The Kindle Fire comes with a 7 "Touch screen which produces 16 million colors in high resolution. Fact: The Kindle Fire uses a technology called IPS (in-plane switching) which is a similar technology used on the iPad that gives you an edge on extra-wide viewing that can be enjoyed by people next to you. With the Kindle Fire you're able to read magazines in stunning rich color and not only that, through the Amazon store you're literally able to download millions of magazines and book that support this functionality for the Kindle Fire and it's constantly growing, everyday , with new and exciting reads.

With the Kindle Fire, combined with the Amazon store you're able to seamlessly watch hundreds of thousands of videos by either purchasing, renting or streaming them through the tablet. The Amazon is packed with a dual core processor so you do not need to worry about any delay or lag while you're surfing the net, watching movies or reading you're books. Not only that, you can rest with ease that your tablet will not crash while you're multitasking watching movies while downloading a new application you wish to use in the background – that's the beauty of the dual core processor.

Those extra bits count:

A tablet would not be a tablet without it's applications and games. The Kindle Fire comes with thousands of applications including Netflix, Hulu, Plus and ESPN. Do not forget about those games, you're able to play those same old games you have always played: Words with Friends, Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies and more. The Kindle Fire has games from popular developers such as Zynga, EA and PopCap.

Technical Details of the Kindle Fire:

  • 1024 x 768 visual display through the 7 "monitor supporting upwards of 16 million colors.
  • No requirements, wireless and does not require a computer.
  • 8GB Internal storage (6gb after OS software, etc) This can pretty much store 80 apps and 800 songs.
  • Battery life lasts up to 8 hours and recharges in 4 hours via included power adapter (please see merchant for type of power outlet)
  • Supports both public and private WIFI networks
  • USB 2.0 Port

The Kindle also comes with hundreds of extra accessories that can be purchased through the Amazon Store.


For a tablet that performs like an iPad at around $ 300 less of the cost it's no surprise that the Kindle Fire 7 "is a very popular item among a lot of users. It has every feature that you could possibly want on a tablet. The only downfall I see from the Kindle is the fact that it does not have 3G (So it only supports WIFI) The Kindle does not actually come with a camera so it's more in the line of the iPad as opposed to the iPad 2 . Other than the Camera function (which really, is what a camera is for) and the 3G the Kindle is pretty much on par if not tons better than the iPad, you also get tons of support from Amazon along with a lot of great extras such as the extra cloud hosting and endless applications, books, music and videos.

The Kindle Fire 7 "is definitely a tablet to put in your list if you're looking into getting a new tablet.

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